Authentic Outdoor Kingdom Emergency Survival Paracord Bracelet with Compass, Firestarter and Steel Scraper Knife

These attractive bracelets are the smartest way to carry around 9-10 feet of 7-strand, type III, 550-gauge parachute of the most useful cord types in existence. Lightweight and yet strong enough for a variety of purposes, from replacing a shoelace to rigging a bow and arrow, parachute cord is the cord of choice for survivalists, hunters, campers, boaters & fisherman, not to mention those who just like that rugged outdoorsy look.

Item Descriptions: The bracelet is measured 9.5" in length but can be adjusted. Made from high quality, heavy duty, military spec, 7-strand 550 paracord; Equipped with magnesium fire starter, steel scraper sharp eye knife & reliable compass.

Always be ready and prepared with this 3 in 1 tool that will definitely be useful for emergency situations. This bracelet is a perfect tool for Camping, Hiking, and Fishing that can be worn comfortably on your wrist! Here are some of the things you can do with it: Create fishing lines, bind rafts, create a makeshift shelter; tourniquet, gear repair, make a landyard, lash cargos, start a fire, navigate with compass. 

  • Nylon paracord
  • Highest quality 7-strand, 550 nylon paracord bracelet made of the same parachute material that the military uses
  • Paracord bracelet comes with reliable compass attached to help in case you are lost or stranded from your group
  • The steel scraper sharp eye knife can be handy in many unforeseen circumstances
  • A compact magnesium fire starter rod will start fires that will keep you warm, safe and send help signals in an emergency
  • Fits men. women & teens. Durable. Available in 2 stylish colors - army green & black.
$ 9.99
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