Silicone Wedding Ring for Men by Harvest Male for Active Lifestyles, Sports, Outdoors & Workmen (Hypoallergenic) in Gift Box

Whether working out at the gym, weight lifting, rock climbing or engaging in any other physical activity...Harvest Male silicone engagement & wedding bands are a great option for replacing your expensive metal formal band to protect it from being scratched or damaged. It is perfect for men who work with their hands, such as – mechanics, construction workers, military men, electricians, welders, etc.

This durable men’s silicone wedding ring comes in a nice gift box & is available in 5 different sizes. It is designed for competitive & recreational athletes, men with active lifestyles &/or an active work environment.

It is HypoAllergenic.

You need this great alternative to the traditional engagement ring or wedding band.

Have a tinkering husband? ….a handy “Honey-Do”? A “Mr. Fix-it”? Get him a gift that he can use forever. 

Did the chemicals you work with damage the coating of your metal ring? Silicone rings are a great way to protect your investment or eliminate the big expense altogether.

  • Tungsten is very brittle. Typically a good option because it is scratch resistant but it breaks if you/he smack it again something. Tungsten can only be cut with a diamond saw, which is why many Emergency Rooms don't have them on hand. Standard practice for removing tungsten rings in emergencies is to crack them off with a vice. They cannot be repaired. Doesn't silicone sound better? 
  • Even surgical stainless steel can contain 8-12% nickel. If you have a nickel allergy, get a silicone ring!
  • While strong, ceramic rings can chip or get scratched & can shatter if not careful.
  • Concerned about getting a carbon fiber ring off in case the finger swells? Get a silicone ring!

Harvest Male silicone rings are nice gifts for Dad on Father’s Day, a cute boyfriend gift, a symbolic promise ring, a "that's MY man and he's taken" ring, or a stylish option for anyone! Wear more than 1 silicone ring at a time. Stack them & make a fashion statement. No risk losing of it - you don't have to keep taking your ring off & putting it back on all the time.

Stylish & practical.

$ 9.99
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