Value Pack: 2 Outdoor Kingdom Paracord Emergency Survival Bracelet with Compass, Scraper, Whistle & Firestarter

Outdoor Kingdom's Paracord Bracelet is a must have for campers, hikers, hunters, boaters and everyone who loves spending time outdoors. This paracord bracelet is stylish, budget friendly and necessary for unforeseen emergency situations. It can be conveniently worn by teens and adults alike - ready to help you in many survival situations. A top rated, high quality, emergency survival paracord bracelet comes with a compass to point you in the right direction, a steel scraper knife and a magnesium rod fire starter that you can count on in ANY weather, altitude, or survival condition. The 10+ feet of 7-strand, 550 paracord that makes up the bracelet will last a lifetime and is a simple tool that ALL hunters, campers, preppers, backpackers, etc should have! Backed by a LIFE TIME warranty and moneyback guarantee! Comes in 2 stylish colors - army green & black.
  • Nylon paracord
  • Highest quality 7-strand, 550 nylon paracord bracelet made of the same parachute material that is used by the military
  • Paracord bracelet comes with reliable compass attached to help in case you are lost or separated from your group
  • The steel scraper sharp eye knife can be handy in many unforeseen circumstances
  • A compact magnesium fire starter rod will start fires that will keep you warm, safe, and send signals in case of emergency
  • Fits men, women & teens. Durable. Available in 3 color combinations - Army Green/Army Green, Black/Black & Army Green/Black
$ 18.99
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